Sunday, October 15, 2017

Updated Standings Now Online

Only two weeks left in the Regular Season! 

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Notes about Ratings

How about Major Midlothian 3? That's not your normal #1 vs #2 score. Minor Alvarado 2 did not pass Granbury 1 but give them time. Their last four games are much better then the first three. Major Alvarado didn't pass Granbury 2 But the last two games are something to watch. Especially the win over Granbury 1. And the Joshua 1 glitch is clearing up with them dropping down to #6 near the middle of the pack as I predicted. Of course, it wasn't difficult for me to guess because I have all the numbers to look at. Two weeks to go in the regular season and it's getting interesting.

Major Ratings through Week 7

1Midlothian 386.00
3Waxahachie 283.00
4Midlothian 482.00
5Burleson 181.50
6Joshua 181.00
7Burleson 280.50
10Cleburne 271.00
11Granbury 270.00
12Cleburne 167.50
13Granbury 166.00
15Joshua 265.00
16Midlothian 151.50
17Waxahachie 151.00
18Midlothian 245.00

Minor Ratings through Week 7

1Crowley 191.00
2Burleson 184.50
3Granbury 183.00
4Alvarado 283.00
5Crowley 280.00
6Midlothian 279.00
7Cleburne 277.00
8Cleburne 173.00
11Midlothian 166.50
12Burleson 264.00
14Joshua 261.00
15Joshua 158.00
16Alvarado 156.00
17Granbury 253.00
18Midlothian 353.00

Bantam Ratings through Week 7

4Midlothian 276.50
5Midlothian 172.00
9Cleburne 166.50
10Granbury 165.00
12Cleburne 260.00
13Granbury 253.25

Sunday, October 8, 2017

About the Ratings

Teams are still jostling for position though more slowly each week. Their team strength is becoming more obvious except for one team that won't cooperate. Remember that at any time of the season a team can take off or flop. This particular team was expected to fall this week or next week though it hasn't happened yet because they played as expected by the numbers. From my perspective it looked as if Major Joshua 1 was overrated due to a score reversal, the details of which I am not familiar. Yet this week they did as well as the numbers predicted so it may take until the end of the regular season to find out how good they are. Be patient. They also have to win in the playoffs, assuming they get there. When the last game is played we will know. By the way, last week's Major order was not correct though the ratings were.