Sunday, December 2, 2018

Congratulations to the 2018 BVFA Super Bowl Champions

2018 BVFA Major Super Bowl Champion
Burleson 2
Burleson 2  14 - Midlothian 1  8
2018 BVFA Minor Super Bowl Champion
Crowley  14 - Midlothian 1  0
2018 BVFA Bantam Super Bowl Champion
Granbury 1
Granbury 1  16 - Crowley  6

Thank you for participating in & supporting Brazos Valley Football this season!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Ticket & Parking Info for BVFA Games at AT&T Stadium Tomorrow

Bring cash to purchase tickets. We do not have the ability to accept, debit, credit or checks at AT&T Stadium. Each ticket is $25.00 (adults, children & seniors). Tickets are priced by seat. Tickets will be sold at Gate K.

Everyone must enter at Gate K.
Park in Parking Lot 10.

If you have not been to BVFA Super Bowl Games at AT&T Stadium before -- the line to purchase tickets can be VERY LONG!!!!!!!!! Get there early so you won’t miss any of your game.

Please share this info with everyone you know that’s coming.
Enjoy the games and tour of the stadium!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Note on Ratings

I finally discovered the magic ingredient missing in my ratings so I went through the entire season to update the ratings to show the teams' strength more accurately. Your team's rating may have gone up or down. Now all I have to do is redo my NFL, NCAA, and CFL ratings. That will take a while but, with football winding down for the season, I'll have plenty of time to kill until next season. Three games left here this season. After that, see you next season.

Major Pre-Super Bowl Ratings

1Midlothian 189.5
3Burleson 284.0
4Cleburne 183.5
5Granbury 183.0
8Red Oak 174.5
9Waxahachie 271.0
11Red Oak 261.0
12Waxahachie 160.5
13Midlothian 257.5
14Cleburne 255.5
15Burleson 155.0
16Midlothian 349.0
17Burleson 348.5
18Granbury 236.0