Sunday, November 19, 2017

Note on Ratings

We're up to the week when we find out the answer to the question: Which teams will be the last one standing in their level? In Bantam and Minor the two top teams ended up at 1-2. The Major, however, is a different story. Don't anyone go home until the Major Championship is over. The number one team is going to play the number six team who has refused to go down. In the last two games Crowley has played at a comparable level to Midlothian 3. In other words, they have arrived. Can Midlothian 3 hold them off or will Crowley refuse to go down yet again? This is very similar to the year New England (the most productive team before the playoffs) played Carolina (the least productive regular season team to make the playoffs) in the Super Bowl. Both teams refused to lose in close games throughout the playoffs and the meeting at the Super Bowl ended up being a battle to the finish.

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