Saturday, August 31, 2019

Ratings Change

This season I am going to use a rating system that is simple to understand and it's fun. It also has won awards competing against very complicated computer rating systems on Todd Beck's site for those who are familiar with that. For this site I will call them the King of the Hill Ratings. They work like this:

Each team begins with a rating of 100.
If your team beats the other team you pick up 10% of their rating.
If your team is upset by a team with a lower rating your rating drops by one third of the difference between the ratings of the two teams.
If your team loses and was not supposed to win nothing happens.
If there is a tie the higher rated team loses one third of the difference and the lesser rated team gains one third of the difference.

On the second and third weeks I will use the current ratings as the starting rating and run through all the games played to accelerate the early order of the teams. That will not be necessary from the fourth week forward.

In this system you earn your points (hopefully) and the best teams rise to the top. It is not as accurate as the system I use in the other football categories but it has proved itself, is easy to understand, and is fun. Have a good time.