Sunday, September 22, 2019

BVFA Standings & Guru Ray’s Rankings Week Four are Online

BVFA Standings

The Standings determine each team’s position in BVFA Playoffs and they are based on wins, losses and ties. The Standing are all that are taken into consideration. Ignore the first column for now. It only counts after the Week Nine scores come in.

Guru Ray’s Ratings

Guru Ray’s Ratings are for information and entertainment. They have nothing to do with playoffs! For years Ray provided ratings of NCAA games and they have been very accurate. Many years ago he agreed to do it for us to give us something that other leagues do not have and make things a little more entertaining.

Below are the top three teams in each division:

Major Division
1. Cleburne 2
2. Burleson 1
3. Whitney

Minor Division
1. Midlothian 1
2. Waxahachie 1
3. Crowley

Bantam Division
1. Granbury 2
2. Burleson
3. Cleburne

The Guru added a new section this week – “Games I Would Most Watch Next Week.”

1. Major Burleson 2 vs Cleburne 2
2. Minor Burleson 1 vs Midlothian 3
3. Bantam Waxahachie vs Midlothian 2
4. Major Waxahachie 2 vs Crowley
5. Minor Burleson 2 vs Cleburne 2

If you want to ask the Guru questions post them on the BVFA Blog and he will answer them. See all of the Guru’s Ratings at –