Saturday, October 24, 2015


Forgot to post these. Just got back into town. Some of the games were canceled. Hope I got all the games correct. Was in a big hurry.


Mid 1 over Alv 1 by 16
Bur over Whit by 43
Crow over Mid 2 by 52
Alv 2 over Kenn by 33
Hill over Jos 1 by 28
Cle 1 over Jos 2 by 12


Hill over Cle 1 by 2
Jos 1 over Bur 1 by 19
Mid 2 over Kenn by 21
Whit over Cle 3 by 24
Crow over Alv 2 by 27
Alv 1 over Mid 1 by 37
Mid 2 over Cle 2 by 65
Mid 4 over Jos 2 by25


Crow over Bur 3 by 70
Kenn over Cle 1 by 35
Whit over Alv 2 by 9
Bur 2 over Cle 2 by 69
Jos 1 over Jos 3 by 2
Alv 1 over Mid 3 by 49
Mid 2 over Hill by 1
Mid 1 over Bur 1 by 9

Friday, October 23, 2015

10/24/15 Alvarado Game Times & Location Changes

10/24/15 Alvarado Game Times & Location Changes

Bantam Midlothian 1 @ Alvarado 1 at 8:00 am at Alvarado High School Stadium
Bantam Kennedale @ Alvarado 2 at 9:30 am at Alvarado High School Stadium
Minor Crowley vs. Alvarado 2 at 7:30 pm in Burleson at regular field
Major Whitney vs. Alvarado 2 at 10:00 am in Joshua at High School Stadium

See Schedules Page & Maps at --

Games in Alvarado

There may be another change in the location of games scheduled in Alvarado. We are waiting on an update.

All Flag Games Schedule for Tomorrow Have Been Cancelled

All Flag Games schedule for tomorrow have been cancelled because of the weather conditions. We are waiting for information about them being played next Saturday October 31st. Check Schedule for updates --

Location Change for All Games Scheduled in Cleburne

All tackle football games scheduled to be played in Cleburne have been moved to Burleson. Check revised schedule for updated game times --

Location Change for All Games Scheduled in Alvarado

All tackle football games scheduled to be played in Alvarado tomorrow have been moved to the Alvarado High School Stadium. Information about Flag games will be posted as soon as we receive it. Please pass this information to others. See schedule at --

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Great Question

Question: I'm confused by Guru Ray's rankings. In the Bantam Division, how is it possible that a two loss Burleson is ranked second ahead of two one loss teams -- Midlothian 1 and Alvarado 2? This is especially confusing since both of those teams' only loss was to first place Crowley and Burleson's two losses were to those two teams.

rankOpponentBurlesonMidlothian 1Alvarado 2
Midlothian 1
Alvarado 2
Cleburne 1
Alvarado 1
Cleburne 2
Joshua 2
Midlothian 2
Joshua 1

There isn't really a discrepancy here. Both teams beat Burleson by only two points, one in overtime. The two teams in question lost to Crowley by 46 and 28 points. Of the four losses only two were decisive. We'll have more clarity when Burleson plays Crowley. As far as teams played in common - Joshua 1 and Joshua 2 - neither of the teams in question have beaten their opponent by more than Burleson did. Burleson summed points against all teams played are +164. Midlothian 1 is +122 and Alvarado is +90. The two Burleson losses were very close and could have gone either way. There is not enough evidence to say Burleson doesn't belong in the spot above the other teams. Evidence will come from the remaining weeks of the season and the playoffs. It is a good question but it carries no more weight than asking why Alvarado 2 isn't ahead of Midlothian 1 because they played so much better against Crowley. Yet against the other common opponents Midlothian 1 beat them by more than Alvarado 2. In common games between the teams in question Burleson is +68 against Midlothian 1's +68. Burleson is +28 against Alvarado 2's +30.  Nothing to give an edge. Teams have good days and bad days. That's what football is all about. We can't be sure which teams had the good ones and which had the bad ones until we play more games. Burleson doesn't play Crowley during the regular season so we'll have to see what happens in the playoffs. Take a look at the teams next week and we'll see what changes.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sunday, October 18, 2015

BVFA Week Seven Updates

We now have seven weeks of football in the books with two more weeks of the regular season to go for tackle football and one for the flag teams. The following teams are still undefeated in conference games (Guru Ray Ratings in parenthesis):

Bantam DivisionCrowley (106.2) & Midlothian 1 (87.0)

Minor DivisionAlvarado 1 (87.2), Midlothian 2 (91.3) & Whitney (86.0)

Major Division – Alvarado 1 (101.2), Burleson 2 (123.0) & Crowley (108.7)

On the final weekend of the regular season four of those teams play each other – these are games you might want to go and check out:

Minor Division Alvarado 1 plays Whitney at in Alvarado at 10:30 am

Major Alvarado 1 plays Crowley in Crowley at 12 noon)

Lots of other positions in the Final Standings will be determined in the next two weekends before we know which teams will be in the playoffs. Be sure to get as many people as possible in the stands to support your teams.

View the current Standings at --

Check out Guru Ray’s Standings on the BVFA Blog at --

Playoffs begin on November 7th and the BVFA Super Bowls will be played at AT&T Stadium on December 6th. Thanks for supporting our BVFA players & coaches this season.

Major Ratings Week Seven

1Burleson 2123.03.6
2Alvarado 1101.2-0.4
5Midlothian 288.24.6
7Midlothian 176.7-0.9
9Burleson 170.3-3.6
10Alvarado 262.11.2
11Cleburne 256.7-3.7
12Joshua 355.2-3.7
13Joshua 154.2-1.4
14Joshua 251.90.5
15Midlothian 348.63.0
15Cleburne 148.2-1.5
17Burleson 335.92.0

Minor Ratings Week Seven

1Burleson 292.62.5
2Midlothian 291.3-3.1
4Alvarado 187.2-2.9
7Midlothian 478.63.7
8Cleburne 178.12.2
10Joshua 164.5-3.0
11Cleburne 362.3-0.5
12Alvarado 261.90.3
13Midlothian 359.9-1.5
14Joshua 256.52.8
15Midlothian 147.1-2.4
16Burleson 142.6-3.1
17Cleburne 229.54.5

Bantam Ratings Week Seven

3Midlothian 187.05.2
4Alvarado 285.4-0.4
6Cleburne 172.3-3.8
7Alvarado 167.93.4
8Cleburne 263.3-3.8
9Joshua 257.4-0.5
11Midlothian 250.9-2.8
13Joshua 142.50.4