Saturday, October 10, 2015

Your Mission - Predictions

Here is your assignment for the week. Let's say team A is playing team B and team A is favored by me to win by ten points. If you are team A your job is to win by more than ten points. If you are team B your job is not to let team A win by ten points and beat them if you can. And if you really beat them you get a real win, not just an improvement win. If I guess the exact scoring margin both teams played their best. Get it? You may not win but you can always improve.

Team A     24
Team B     18     winner

because they didn't let team A win by ten.


Burleson over Midlothian 1 by 10
Cleburne 1 over Whitney by 24
Alvarado 1 over Joshua 1 by 17
Cleburne 2 over Kennedale by 1
Crowley over Joshua 2 by 48
Alvarado 2 over Midlothian 2 by 24


Hillsboro over Midlothian 3 by 11
Burleson 2 over Alvarado 2 by 27
Alvarado 1 over Cleburne 1 by 5
Joshua 1 over Midlothian 1 by 8
Whitney over Burleson 1 by 41
Midlothian 4 over Cleburne 2 by 42
Crowley over Cleburne 3 by 7
Midlothian 2 over Joshua 2 by 14


Burleson 2 over Hillsboro by 24
Kennedale over Alvarado 2 by 1
Alvarado 1 over Joshua 1 by 47
Burleson 1 over Burleson 3 by 34
Midlothian 1 over Cleburne 1 by 18
Midlothian 2 over Joshua 2 by 31
Cleburne 2 over Midlothian 3 by 1
Crowley over Joshua 3 by 46

There, now no matter how much better the other team is assumed to be, you can still be a winner if you show me you're better than I expected. And you favorites can get knocked down a notch or two if you don't prove you're as good as I say.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week 5 BVFA Scores, Standings & Ratings Now Online

After another great week of BVFA football, the latest scores and standings are now online. The races are tightening up between teams that are planning on being on the field at AT&T Stadium on December 6th. But, we still have four more weeks of regular season games, plus three weeks of playoff games to go. So, regardless of where your team is now, there is still plenty of time to go.

For Standings go to --

For Guru Ray’s Ratings go to --

Major Ratings Week Five

1Burleson 2114.6012.4
2Alvarado 1105.2010.2
5Midlothian 280.503.7
6Midlothian 172.60-5.8
7Burleson 172.502.7
9Alvarado 268.706.7
11Joshua 359.70-6.1
12Joshua 155.40-5.4
13Cleburne 254.50-2.3
14Midlothian 351.302.7
15Cleburne 151.10-3.0
15Joshua 246.20-9.7
17Burleson 335.40-9.2

Minor Ratings Week Five

1Alvarado 189.94.5
3Burleson 285.86.9
4Midlothian 285.19.4
5Cleburne 182.111.8
9Midlothian 471.48.0
10Cleburne 369.1-6.8
11Midlothian 366.2-1.2
12Joshua 262.72.7
13Alvarado 261.4-8.1
14Joshua 159.41.2
15Midlothian 156.5-7.8
16Burleson 144.6-12.0
17Cleburne 226.1-13.6

Bantam Ratings Week Five

3Midlothian 183.58.1
4Alvarado 282.88.8
5Cleburne 171.7-1.4
8Cleburne 263.2-2.9
9Alvarado 162.5-1.3
10Midlothian 261.8-1.9
11Joshua 253.0-9.5
13Joshua 142.9-7.3

The Answers to a Couple of Questions

Someone asked a question about Cleburne 2 and Hillsboro (Question about the Ratings - September 22). The question was why Cleburne 2 dropped in the rating when they won and Hillsboro rose even though they lost. The simple answer is that Cleburne 2's opponents' ratings had collectively fallen and Hillsboro's opponents' collective ratings had risen.


During the season Cleburne 2 and Hillsboro have had three common opponents. Here's how they scored:

opponent             Cleburne 2       Hillsboro

Alvarado 1           12-18              22-12
Whitney               34-12              34-6
Joshua 2              14-12              32-14

The only question remaining is which team will win in an actual matchup.

Undefeated Midlothian 2

I expected someone to ask how 3-0 Midlothian 2 could be ranked so low. At the time the only teams they had played were ranked below them. There was other team ranked below them that they had not played.

9Midlothian 267.1
11Joshua 261.3
13Joshua 151.6

This week Midlothian 2 played the other team ranked lower, Kennedale, and lost a great game by only two points. The game was a great battle and turned out as it should have due to home field advantage. It is quite possible that some or all of these five teams will move as they link up with more opponents.