Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thanks for Making the BVFA Super Bowls at AT&T Stadium a Success

There are a lot of “thanks” that need to be said to the people who made the BVFA Super Bowls a huge success. First, we want to say thanks to the Dallas Cowboy organization and the people at AT&T Stadium. They worked hard to make the experience a great one for teams, fans & BVFA.

We also want to say thanks to BVFA President Bobby Martin and BVFA Sec.-Treas. Rob Houchin for the many hours of work they put in, especially during the past week, to make sure tickets, trophies, medallions, teams, etc. were all in the right places at the right times.

Another thanks goes to Steve Rolland and the officials who officiated the games. They did an outstanding job on the field and off to make the experience a success.

Of course, a big thanks goes to all of the parents and fans that came out to support the teams that made it to the highest level possible in BVFA – especially those from Crowley, Whitney, Hillsboro, Midlothian & Kennedale. You guys made so much noise that it almost was impossible for players on the field to hear the signals at times.

But the biggest thanks goes to the players, coaches and cheerleaders from Crowley, Whitney, Hillsboro, Midlothian and Kennedale. If you hadn't worked so hard all season and played at your best to win the games that made it possible for you to be there – none of us would have been there. Of course, you had to play a lot of other teams during the season too, so we want to also say thanks to all of the fans, families, cheerleaders, coaches, players & members of the local associations -- and the guru -- that make Brazos Valley Football possible.

If you would like to see the 2015 BVFA Super Bowls at AT&T Stadium -- be sure to let your local association and BVFA know! We want to wish all of our 6th grade players the best as they move on the the 7th grade next year. We hope to see all of 1st thru 5th grade players back again next year.

Congratulations to 2014 BVFA Super Bowl Champions & Runner-Ups

2014 BVFA Super Bowl Games
AT&T Stadium

Bantam Super Bowl
Crowley 8 - Whitney  0 

Minor Super Bowl
Hillsboro 30 - Midlothian 4  6

Major Super Bowl
Midlothian 1  30 - Kennedale  20

Monday, November 17, 2014

Updated Information About BVFA Super Bowl Games & Ticket Prices

(1) Tickets will be for sale Friday at the stadium, but those tickets will be sold for $25 each. Tickets purchased from local association cost $20.00. Be prepared to pay the higher price at the gate. 

 (2) Home Teams for coin toss purposes only:

            Bantam Home Team - Crowley
            Minor Home Team - Hillsboro
            Major Home Team - Midlothian 1
(3) Seating Sections for Fans (both of the seating sections will be on the visitor's sideline at the stadium).

Bantam Game: Crowley (Sections 136-139) - Whitney (Sections 132-135).

Minor Game: Midlothian (Sections 136-139) - Hillsboro (Sections 132-135).

Major Game: Midlothian (Sections 136-139) - Kennedale (Sections 132-135).

(4) Everyone is there to see their child have an opportunity to play in possibly the greatest sports venue in North America. Cheer and support team. Verbally assault or attempt to provoke a reaction from the opposing team's section will not be tolerated.
There will be a ZERO TOLERANCE policy in place when it comes to item #6! Anyone found or thought to be acting in a disruptive or negative manner will be ejected from the stadium and could face further action from AT&T Stadium officials (such as a No Trespass order issued. Meaning that person will/could not be allowed on the property for any event or activity in the future). 

(5) America's Best Photography will be on site to take pictures for all the games. They will be there to take action pictures, pictures on the field before and after the games, locker room pictures, etc. The pictures will be for sale.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

BVFA Super Bowl Games Schedule & AT&T Stadium Info

BVFA Super Bowl Games
Friday November 21, 2014

AT&T Stadium


Guru Notes

It's time for the two remaining teams in each level to prove they're the champion. As you saw in the previous week's playoffs, the underdogs can pull it off. Get ready for the biggest week in the league. Only one team can win it all. This is the game in which you have to play your very best. But remember that both teams won a trip to the big one.


This was the most exciting week of the season. Four of six underdogs refused to go down. Next week there are only three games but they are the big ones. Here are the teams that pulled off the upsets:




   Midlothian 4


   Midlothian 1

Thanks for a fun week.

Major Pre-Super Bowl Ratings

1  Midlothian 1 85.23
2  Kennedale 82.55
3  Burleson 1 81.14
4  Cleburne 2 74.60
5  Alvarado 73.55
6  Hillsboro 70.15
7  Crowley 69.50
8  Midlothian 2 68.10
9  Midlothian 3 65.89
10  Joshua 65.28
11  Whitney 61.33
12  Cleburne 1 59.44
13  Burleson 2 56.11

Minor Pre-Super Bowl Ratings

1 Midlothian 4 85.77
2 Hillsboro 83.18
3 Crowley 82.36
4 Midlothian 2 76.36
5 Burleson 1 76.23
6 Kennedale 73.73
7 Cleburne 69.95
8 Alvarado 1 69.82
9 Burleson 2 67.40
10 Midlothian 3 66.35
11 Joshua 1 66.25
12 Whitney 64.85
13 Joshua 3 64.80
14 Joshua 2 60.85
15 Alvarado 2 59.35
16 Midlothian 1 54.45

Bantam Pre-Super Bowl Ratings

1 Crowley 85.77
2 Whitney 83.18
3 Hillsboro 80.55
4 Midlothian 3 77.86
5 Kennedale 76.86
6 Burleson 1 74.50
7 Alvarado 2 70.64
8 Midlothian 2 69.05
9 Cleburne 1 67.50
10 Joshua 62.10
11 Midlothian 1 61.40
12 Cleburne 2 58.90
13 Burleson 2 57.61
14 Alvarado 1 55.83