Thursday, November 12, 2020


 There were a lot of surprises this week. Why? Because it's the playoffs, silly. Some of the teams are discovering they are better than they imagined and they are getting very determined to win. No fear.

Hottest Teams in Each Division:

Flag - 1) Azle 2 2) Cleburne

Bantam - 1) Burleson 2) Aledo 3

3rd - 1) Azle 2) Midlothian

4th - 1) Azle 2) Burleson

5th - 1) Aledo 2 2) Midlothian

6th - 1) Aledo 3 2) Aledo 1

Not all these teams actually won but they showed they can compete against the best. Let's see how many make it to the championship. It's getting good.

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